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Troublesome! My dearest, can anything be troublesome to me if it can but give you pleasure? You shall see Rome鈥攏ot once鈥攂ut again and again, in the course of a long and happy life, I hope. I am more than twenty years older than you; but I count upon at least thirty years more upon this planet, before I blow out my candle and say 'Bon soir.' Yes, lost, irretrievably lost! It is all one long, wild dream when I look back upon it. He implored me to go away with him鈥攂ut I told him no, no, no, not for worlds, nothing should ever make me false to my husband鈥攏othing. I swore it鈥攕wore an oath which I had not the strength to keep. Oh, it was cruel, heartless, treacherous鈥攖he thing he did after that. When I was going away from the dance, he was there at my side鈥攁nd he put me into the wrong carriage鈥攈is own carriage鈥攁nd when I had been driven a little way from the hotel, the carriage stopped and he got in. I thought that he was driving me home. I asked him how he could be cruel as to be with me, in his own carriage, at the risk of my reputation鈥攂ut he stopped me鈥攕hut my lips with his fatal kiss. Oh, Martin, how can I tell these things? The horse went almost at a gallop. I thought we should be killed. I was half fainting when the carriage stopped at last, after rattling up and down hill鈥攁nd he lifted me out, and I felt the cold night-air on my face, the salt spray from the sea. I tried to ask him where I was,鈥攚hether this was home鈥攂ut the words died on my lips鈥攁nd I knew no more鈥攌new no more till I woke from that dead, dull swoon in the cabin of the Vendetta, and heard the sailors calling out to each other, and saw Lostwithiel sitting by my side鈥攁nd then鈥攁nd then鈥攊t was all one long dream鈥攁 dream of days and nights, and rain, and tempest. I thought the boat was[Pg 297] going down in that dreadful night in the Bay of Biscay. Would to God that she had gone down, and hidden me and my sin for ever! But she lived through the storm, and in the morning she was anchored near Arcachon, and Lostwithiel went on shore, and sent a woman in a boat, to bring me clothes, and to attend upon me; and I contrived to go on shore with the woman when she went back in the boat that had brought her, and I borrowed some money on my ring at a jeweller's in Arcachon, and I left by the first train for Paris, and went on from Paris to London, and never stopped to rest anywhere till I got home. Charles. My Father鈥檚! Either you or I ... Why, what鈥檚 the matter with him? Is he in the farce too? The dying flame flickered up again. 鈥業t was so good of you to let me come and see your books, Mr Keeling,鈥?she said. 鈥楳y brother has often told me what delightful Sunday afternoons he has passed with you here.鈥? � 99XXXX开心情色站_色五月_激情五月_开心五月天-开心色播网 � You have been all that is dear and good, Isola answered softly, "and I shall feel dreadfully lonely without you; but it won't be for long. And I shall be so comforted by the knowledge that nothing can come between you and your life's happiness." 鈥楴o: only the wind and the song of a skylark.鈥? 鈥楢h, that had not occurred to me,鈥?said Keeling. 鈥楶lease pray for patience. That is the lesson I have to learn. 鈥淏e still, and know that I am God.鈥?鈥淥 rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.鈥?I mustn鈥檛 think even much about Heaven! I mustn鈥檛 be like a soldier pining to get home, when he鈥檚 told to keep quiet in the trenches.鈥?